Do Compression Wraps Help Runners – True or Hype?

The revolution of compression gears is definitely noteworthy and people all around the globe are in love with it. While the medical community is utilizing the exceptional benefits for healing, the new emerging benefits of compression gears for athletes are gaining attentions nowadays. Compression wraps, garments and gears associated with this principle conform snugly to the user body preventing oscillation of muscle of the body muscle during impact and resulting in increased blood flow in that area.

The reduction of muscle movement or oscillation is scientifically proven to prevent energy waste for athletes and greatly assists in maintaining proper body alignment. The increased blood flow with the use of compression wraps ensures that the muscles of athletes are receiving a constant amount of rich oxygen supply, which is essential to achieve great level of performance or enhance recovery.

Why Do Runners Use Compression Wraps, Pants, Socks or Gears?

Training for a running event requires quite a level of consistency, which means finding the most appropriate set of tools that may help you recover faster and stay injury free. The hype associated with compression wraps that they help in running faster and farther might be true when we look at the long term impact of using compression wraps and other compression gears.

Recently a study found the evidence that athletes just don’t use compression socks to look fashionable, compression gears are also functional. The research found that wearing compression socks for 48 hours after running a marathon has improved performance on a treadmill test two weeks later. Few other studies conducted by leading global brands which sell compression gears found:

  • It reduces exercise induced muscle damage (EIMD)
  • Increases venous return
  • Improves endurance
  • Better recovery process
  • Improves removal speed of lactic acid
  • Increases endurance
  • Improves muscle oxygenation
  • Better body temperature control
  • Reduces in-flight ankle oedema

Professional running athletes state that they absolutely love using compression garments, wraps and gears for recovery runs, long runs and even on race day. Even though they don’t wear compression gears all the time, but definitely use them when they need a little extra support for their legs. But, here important to know that there are different types of compression gears. Some of the compression wraps are designed to support muscle while running and some are exceptionally designed to help users recover better. So, runners have different types of compression wraps and gears to support their different athletic needs.

Should You Buy Compression Wraps?

The choice is obvious but a personal one as well. Athletes have been considering compression garments the best add-on for running. They are excellent for sore quads, glutes and calf muscles. Athletes suffering from foot or calf cramps often prefer compression wraps and socks. It’s safe to say that compression wraps are probably one of the best thing that happen for athletes. Whether the support of compression for training seasons or the performance boost achieved by utilizing them while performing in competitions; the amazing benefits of compression gears are gaining more and more attention by every passing day.

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