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How Effective is Compression Wrap for Treating Lymphoedema?

For chronic oedema management, compression is an essential component and over the years various researches have emerged that has allowed practitioners to custom management to best suit their client’s requirements. One such option that has developed exceptionally in past few years is compression wrap. These wraps have now become one of the most used solution for chronic oedema management. Although compression wraps are available from 90’s, these have become popular in the last decade, for Lymphoedema. Over the time the compression products have been developed and receiving a growing number of preferred users.

What are compression wraps?

Usually compression wraps are made out of short stretch material which has the great ability to achieve high working pressure when the individual is moving and a low resting pressure. Compression wraps are designed to replicate short stretch bandaging. Most of compression wraps are made out of non-woven laminated fabrics except few innovative ones such as Bodymate Pro compression wraps which use special Neoprene rubber as its material.

What is Lymphedema?

The inability of the lymphatic system to perform the necessary removal of water and protein from the tissues of a body portion, results in Lymphedema. This disease doesn’t dissipate by itself and will continue to progress without adequate treatment and further precautions. The Lymphedema management treats the lymphedematous swelling to near normal or normal size utilizing the remaining unaffected healthy lymph vessels and other lymphatic pathways. Complete Decongestive Therapy or CDT is globally recognized to treat and control Lymphedema. The therapy includes three treatment processes.

  • Manual lymph drainage (MLD)
  • Decongestive exercises
  • Compression therapy

Compression therapy is provided either by compression bandages, compression garments, compression wraps or any other compression gears. The elastic fibers present in Lymphedema get damaged thus unable to provide the required resistance to build-up of fluid in the spaces of interstitial tissue spaces. The application of external compression through compression wraps provides the necessary support to those tissues that lost elasticity by increasing the tissue pressure. The increased tissue pressure reduces fluid amount leaving the blood capillaries. Into the tissues and ultimately increases the return of the tissue fluids back into the lymph capillaries and blood, thus removing the amount of extra fluid in the tissues.

External compression through compression wraps and other compression gears also increases the venous and lymphatic return by improved valve function in these vessels. The skeletal musculature movement and joints during activity helps in sufficient return of lymphatic fluids and venous back into the blood stream. Together with the joint pump activity and other supporting mechanisms, the mechanism propels the fluids back to the heart and ensures proper circulation. The compression wraps offer a counter force to the working musculature, thus improving its efficiency.

These effects accompanied by the use of compression wrap use also help to prevent re-accumulation of fluids which come out during intensive CDT treatments and conserve the results achieved during the whole MLD process. Compression therapy positively impacts by softening the hardened connective tissues often found in Lymphedema, especially if the external compression therapy is well combined with the regular expert advice.

So, where to buy best compression wraps?

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