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Not Only for Athletes, But for Everyone – How Do Compression Wraps Help with Surgery & Chronic Conditions?

Chronic symptoms such as back pain and the recovery stage from surgery can be extremely uncomfortable and downright painful at the same time. It can cause drastic disruption in your day to day lifestyle, either because of an acute recurring injury or continuous substantial pain. Active participation in recovery process can be the best way to achieve your normal function. Today, we prefer various types of recovery plans, but compression therapy and gears are gaining their attention near everyone for their reliability and outstanding benefits.

How Does Exactly Compress Therapy or Wrap Work?

Compression wraps, garments or gadgets gradually increases the pressure in the tissue under the skin, resulting in reduced swelling. This moves the excess fluid that builds up in injured parts back into the blood vessels. The pressure on the affected part stops the veins to expand, which helps in blood flowing evenly. This eventually prevents blood clots, this is why compression therapy is mostly advised by physicians following surgery. The improved venous flow due to compression therapy speeds up the healing process and also greatly assists with preventing infection.

Since it has been proven that compression prevents swelling, it can also minimize the edema around the wound. The reduced swelling and the removal of extra fluid in the injury affected area will easily maximize the skin’s ability to obtain the necessary oxygen to heal the wound. Even it’s been noticed that proper use of high quality compression wraps and therapy let wounds heal weeks or even months faster than expected time by doctors. Compression gears can also be used regularly after healing to keep optimal blood flow and minimize the chances of recurring injuries.

How Can Active Compression Therapy and Use of Best Compression Wraps Help with Surgery and Chronic Conditions?

Active compression therapy combined with the use of high standard compression wraps or compression gears helps more than just swelling prevention and removing edema. It has countless other benefits for users. Use of compression helps in improving lymph fluid flow in our body, which brings necessary nutrients to the tissues and better removes the cellular waste products. Poor lymphatic drainage can cause chronic back pain. With improved blood flow, more oxygen and essential nutrients reached to the damaged tissues, which stimulated the tissue repair system. It reduces chronic pain and inflammation.

Physicians also advise cold compression therapy these days to patients for after surgery recovery. It reduces cellular metabolism, which decreases cell death and secondary tissue damage. Whereas active compression contributes slower healing, which is effective for chronic pain relief. The faster your muscles, tendons and ligaments heal, the better you will recover and can return to your day to day activity.

According to National Institutes of Health, compression gears also benefit to patients suffering with venous insufficiency, leg ulcers, varicose veins, post-thrombotic syndrome and leg swelling. Compression therapy is usually recommended by doctors and consulting with your doctor is advisable beforehand. But, you can use high quality compression wraps available with healthy compression range for your regular use. Compression gears with high compression is also advisable to be recommended by your doctor before you use them.

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