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How Does Compression Help Improving Your Body Posture?

Are you suffering from chronic back pain? Do you sit all day long at your work desk? Then the chances are high that you might suffer from poor body posture. Don’t be worried, you aren’t the only one suffering from poor posture and it’s common nowadays. Many of us are stuck behind our desks all day at work, often slouching forward towards that bright, annoying computer screen. As posture plays a vital role in term of chronic injury prevention, muscle usage and energy efficiency, establishing a good posture is quite necessary.

Good posture habits involves more than just standing straight. It includes allowing your ligaments, tendons and bones to support your body weight. When your muscles bear the boy weight and move at the same time, the result of the constricted muscles can cause pain and even injury sometimes. So, if you are suffering from poor posture, then it’s quite possible to overcome it by your own, though it takes daily practice.

Teach Yourself

Focus your attention on your spine line as it runs from the top of the head to the end of tailbone. Return your attention to the spine as often as possible all day long, so that you can get a good posture over the time. Let it be a daily practice and the results will be shown in just few days.

Don’t Run with a Best Waist

If you are finishing your run with soreness in your lower back, then it indicates that you have been running with a bent waist. Practice chi running which allows gravity to pull you forward by leaning slightly from the ankles, not from the waist. Throughout chi runs, make sure to lean from the ankles without stressing your lower back muscle.

Engage with Your Body Core

Stand with your feet parallel to each other and hip width apart. Keep your head straight, drop your chin slightly and look straight. Now, pull up on your pubic bone by using your lower abdominal muscles while relaxing the glutes. Hold the position for at least 30 seconds at least. This exercise will strengthen your abs, allowing your posture over the time.

Use Compression Gears

Use of different available compression gears efficiently offers flexibility with wide range of movements. The fabric used in high quality compression wraps will not only improves your performance, but also helps with shock prevention which helps in protecting the rotator cuff and muscle tissues present in the shoulder, eventually helping with a good posture. Compression garments and gears can be worn easily under regular clothes making them suitable and reliable for day to day use to help with your posture. Wearing compression wraps also boosts the recovery process of damaged muscles by reducing the swelling while increasing the flow of oxygen to the injured areas. You can check our previous blog on the health benefits of compression wraps on chronic back conditions. They are proven helpful by many studies and continuously proving the justification of the popularity of compression gears.

The use of high standard compression wraps and gears is always advised by the experts to get the maximum benefits. Bodymate offers special Neoprene rubber made compression wraps online which can definitely help with your posture correction and improve your body stability. We have compression wraps for groin pull, lower back, quad pull, sciatica pain, hamstring, hp flexor, SI joint pain and more. If you have queries about our compression products, we will be happy to help you with them. Give us a ring at +1-669-245-5976 now or check our website to get more of our product details and order online.



























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