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Most Frequently Asked Questions About Compression Gears

The use of compression gears is all time high nowadays. Originally started to promote pain relief and healing, compression gears and gears are now being used for many health benefiting and performance increasing purposes. Today, from compression wraps and shorts to sleeves, socks and stockings; varieties to compression gears are available in market and people are quite questioning about the benefits of compression gears and to what level they are effective. Further here, we will discuss few of the most frequently asked public questions and the most appropriate answers for them to acknowledge you.

  • What is a compression gear?

Usually made out of Nylon and Spandex or from high quality Neoprene rubber which Bodymate offers; compression gears sticks snugly to the user’s body, preventing muscle oscillation during impact and exceptionally increasing blood flow to that area. This prevents energy waste and assists greatly in maintaining proper body alignment, which is highly essential for performance enhancement and speedy recovery.

  • Do compression gears reduce DOMS/ Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness?

During work or exercise routines, the use compression wraps keeps your muscle solid and compact. This limits the vibration, leading to less vertical or lateral movement and less traction on muscle. Less shock during the effort means less muscle damage and DOMS during the recovery.

  • Will the use of compression wraps enhance endurance in performance?

During endurance exercise such as marathon, cycling and running, the repetition of shocks cause fatigue and muscle damage. The use of compression wraps and other associated gears will absorb the shocks and limit the vibration, thus resulting in delayed fatigue. This Also reduces micro injuries, pain and promotes better and longer performance level for athletes.

  • Do they help with intense workout?

From the very beginning of the use of compression gears, you can easily experience the performance sensation. Whether you use compression wraps or garments, any compression gear will do great during intense training sessions and boosts your recovery faster. This also exceptionally decreases the risk of injuries and pain also. Your workout will be improved by each passing day and you will be able to perform faster and better.

  • Does the use of compression gears make you a better athlete?

Using compression gears can definitely make a difference between you and your competitors. Increased muscle recovery and contraction will help you sprint faster and jump higher. As compression gears delay the muscle fatigue, you will be more resistant to your performance in last deciding moments. The less contraction of muscle and tendon results in less injury. So with account to all these, we can say that the use of compression gears definitely improves your performance as an athlete.

  • Do compression wraps enhance your explosive power?

Sudden use of muscle power requires better muscle alignment. Compression keeps the muscle stage solid and compact. As it limits the vibration and results in less vertical and lateral movement of muscle with less muscle oscillation, athletes will receive better muscle fiber alignment, improved muscle contraction and at the same time enhancing the explosive power for better performance result such as sprint, vertical jump and instant direction change. You can check more here how compression wraps help runner.

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