3 Must Learn Tips for those with Chronic Pain and Sciatica


Break free the bonds of sciatica and CPs


I remember a story our class teacher would often tell us.  A farmer’s horse once felt into a precipice. The farmer tries and tries to haul him out. But no matter how hard he tried, he could not pull his horse out.


Hence, he decides to bury the horse alive. He pours soil, the horse shakes it off and steps on it. More soil is poured, the horse shakes it off again and steps up. As more load is poured, the horse rose and got closer to the ground. By midday the horse was grazing happily in green pastures.



The power of ‘shaking it off’. The right mindset.


The point I’m trying to make here is that difficult situations will inevitably arise. Hip pains and sciatica pains will happen, back and leg pains will turn chronic and hamper our daily activities but that shouldn’t stop us from trying to ‘shake it off’ and moving on towards our best selves.


By shaking it off, I don’t mean ignore your sciatica pain or hip pain and simply carry on. What I mean is shake it off your head as something that’ll disrupt your normal life forever. Mental blocks and negative thoughts are leading causes behind aggravating chronic pains and related anxiety.


Positive attitude and healthy thoughts can help you cope better and help significantly reduce pain


According to UW Health Org, “The goal is to change the way you think about pain so that your body and mind respond better when you have pain.”


Once you have put yourself in a positive mindset, there are some simple steps you can take to drastically alleviate your hip, thigh or sciatica pain or even get rid of them.


Note: If you’re suffering from any kind of CP (chronic pain) like thigh spasm, hip pain or sciatica, you should consult your physician first.





This might sound all woo woo to many at first or even a fad. It’s neither let me assure you.   Clinical trials showed that mindfulness meditation can reduce chronic pain by 57% for beginners and up to 90% for regular meditators.


There’s no need to change religion or chant difficult to pronounce to mantras. First thing you need to do is dedicate 10 minutes of each day to meditate.


You will need some guidance to get started. You do not need a guru, simply download a rated mediation app like Calm or Headspace from your app store, grab your headphones and follow the guided mediations.


As if by magic, within weeks (or less) this will strengthen your immune system, speed up recovery time, boost energy and improve your mood.


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Wearable Therapy – Compression wraps, braces and bandages

Top recommended wearble aid for sciatica and chronic pain


This is the number one pain relief alternative to painkillers for those suffering from leg cramps, hip or back pain.


Compression is a proven method for lowering and eliminating pain, reducing swelling and preventing edema. These scientifically developed wraps and braces mimic your natural muscle contraction and improves local blood circulation.


Improved circulation helps improves recovery time and the pressure prevents the blood from pooling in the veins. This also minimizes the chances of swelling.


These wearable therapy aids are best suited for those with an active lifestyle, whether they are students, office workers, business people, athletes or fitness enthusiasts.



Final thoughts

Chronic pain can take heavy toll on overall life quality. Take time to adjust yourself to the new challenge. Know that in most cases, there are treatments and wearable aids that can help you to carry with everyday life normally.


Use all the help that’s available. If time permits, get in to a fitness program. You’ll be surprised to see that you might actually come out happier and fitter than before.


Get started with your compression wraps and get active


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